Duette Blinds

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Duette shades from Luxaflex feature a unique honeycomb construction that makes these
blinds durable and highly efficient.
Standard Fabrics have a single cell structure and the dead-air
that is contained in these cells forms a barrier. This retains heat during colder months and blocks
heat from entering the room during the warmer months.

Duette Architella blinds are now available with a tripple cell structure which allow for better
structure and retention of the pleat but also allow for 3 cells of air for better insulation.

C1 Application

Top-Down and Bottom-Up
Options include Cord Operated
Hand Operated

With / without cable guides


D1 Application

Day/Night Blinds
Two sets of fabrics in one blind
Blackout and light filtering


Conservatory / Skylight

Blinds Fitted to Openings
Stainless Steel cables to support
and guide fabric

Telescopic wand to operate
Automation optional


Automated Blinds

Radio Frequency receiver and

24V system so safe to operate

No cords to operate - Child Safe


F1 Application

Slope-Top Blinds

Triangle section is fixed
Rectangle section operable

Many more options available - contact us for more details
or to
arrange an appointment