Roller Blinds

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Roller Blinds are a modern, simple window covering that not only covers windows but also insulate. Fabric options range from sheer fabrics that block harmful UV yet offering great view through to the outside world.

Light filtering options include jacquards as well as a range of colour fabrics in modern colours including blues, red, greens, orange and many more.

For threatre rooms and bedrooms, blockout fabrics provide full light block and complete privacy.


Fabric Roller Blinds

New Patterned and Plain Roller
Blinds now available. Jacquard
and striped light filtering
and blockout fabrics
also available.

With / without cable guides



Screen Roller Blinds

Screen Blinds offer perfect
visibility when looking out
of a room whilst allowing light
to enter the room.

Protects from harmful UV

With / without cable guides


S30 Roller Blinds

S30 Roller Blinds offer an
aluminium enclosure that the
fabric rolls in to. This protects
the fabric from dust and other
dirt when th eblind is rolled up


Automated Blinds

Radio Frequency receiver and
Standard motprisation is 230V
Plugged directly into wall socket

24V system is safe to operate
and also available

No cords to operate - Child Safe


S70 Application

Side guides control fabric from
flapping around with air flow.

Available on fabric and screen
roller blinds.

Many more options available - contact us for more details
or to
arrange an appointment